New Blog, New

May 17, 2010

At long last (why do these things always take so long?!), I’m happy to announce that the new and improved is up and running (or walking at least).

As usual, there’s plenty more that I’d like to do with the new site, and I will continue to tinker and make small improvements over the next several months. As old readers will notice, I’ve moved my blog off of my home domain, and over to One of the main reasons why I decided to do this was to give myself a place to play, a site that it would be easy to tinker with and keep my novice development skills in shape, without worrying about screwing up my blog presence.

Whether anyone likes it or not, I’ve become a fairly prolific content sharer over the past couple years. I now have personal outgoing content streams across 6 profiles: Twitter, Tumblr, Google Reader, Delicious, Buzzfeed, Facebook. And I publish original content on my blog, on Slideshare, and on Flickr.

This latest iteration of my web presence is an attempt to make it easier for people to connect with me and follow what I’m up to on whichever platforms or type of content they prefer.

For my blog, I wanted to focus on the writing again. When I look back over the past few years of blogging, the posts I like most are the ones that went deep. The ones that took the most thought. The ones that I took the most care to write well. I want to do more of that kind of blogging. And I wanted the environment where it lived to reflect that focus.

With all that in mind, thanks to everyone who’s stuck around through all of this. And if you dig the new site and the new blog tell a friend!


2 Responses to “New Blog, New”

  1. Flourish Says:

    I like it!

    My only question is about the colors. I’m not sure if my screen is showing them strangely, or whether they’re intentional. (I don’t mean that they’re bad, per se, only that they’re an unusual combination.) The background, to me, looks very pale damask pink, with links in a bright sky blue. Is that also how it looks to you? I ask because monitor variation changes pale warm colors pretty drastically sometimes… I’m on an older MacBook.

  2. Great – good luck and keep deep. 😉

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