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Reviving My Reader

March 2, 2012

A couple weeks ago I purged my Google Reader subscriptions, cutting them from over 100 down to 53 feeds. Most importantly I cut out all the feeds that post relentlessly throughout the day (like Mashable, Oh No They Didn’t, and The Daily What).

I’m loving the new and improved experience.

I tried to keep only the blogs that I never wanted to miss a post from. Most of the blogs in my Reader now publish rarely, maybe once every few weeks. And it’s easier now for me to keep up with the few that do publish more often (like Kottke). The new set has helped me to rediscover blogs that I’ve always enjoyed, but got lost in the clutter before (like Noah Brier and danah boyd). And it’s made more room to pay attention to some of my favorite new blogs (like Matt Daniels’ Tumblr, and of course Undercurrent’s new blog).

If your reader is bloated, I highly recommend you put it on a diet.